Sankalpa Shakti Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum Sample


Thanks for your interest in the 2019 Sankalpa Shakti 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training. We've put together a few curriculum-based samples for you to browse below. We hope it gives you a taste of our unique program. Enjoy!  ~ Tracee

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Subtle Body Wisdom

This sample is from the Subtle Body Wisdom Weekend, where we explore the 5 Prana Vayu’s The Vayu’s are airs or winds that move through the body; each in its own direction and with its own function that effect us physically, mentally and energetically. In this short meditation we explore the energy of Apana Vayu, the downward  moving energy which governs elimination of waste and exhale. It governs our ability to let go of both mental and physical toxins and is a very grounding force. As you will learn during the Sankalpa Shakti Yoga Teacher Training, every yoga pose effects a vayu and once we understand how these subtle energies work and learn to feel them in our own bodies we can shift energy, moods and more by creating an alchemy of wise sequencing of asana, pranamaya and other practices. 

The Power of Mantra

This sample practice is from the Power of Mantra weekend you will learn about  how to use mantra, the open mantra’s of the tradition, initiation and when and how to infuse  mantra into your teaching to create specific bhavana’s ( feeling or theme) to inform the practice for a specific outcome. This practice is an example of how mantra is used in asana practice along with breath-centric awareness. 

Vinyasa Krama

There is more to asana than meets the eye. During our Vinyasa Krama weekend you will learn how to create sequences based on the knowledge of how each pose effects the chakra’s, vayu’s, guna’s and the physical body. Vinyasa krama means wise progression and is another pillar of Sankalpa Shakti yoga practice. You will be given opportunities  and practices to refine the awareness of these energies in your own body so that you can teach with embodied knowledge. Here are a few sample pages of the asana manual and the information that you will gather during the course to fill out these pages. Try to complete the answers. (Click to enlarge images from Sankalpa Shakti Yoga Teacher's Manual)

Embody the Teachings

Sankalpa Shakti Yoga Teacher Training is a comprehensive and experiential  training that allows the student to deepen their personal practice through the embodied understanding of the teaching of yogic wisdom though the tradition of the Himalayan masters. Whether you intend to teach yoga in a traditional classroom or not this training will infuse your life with the fragrance of yoga and your life will be the teaching of yoga.  

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