Tracee Stanley Bio - Teachings Sourced from Years of Practice with Rod Stryker and Gary Kraftsow


Tracee Stanley Bio - Teachings Sourced from Years of Practice with Rod Stryker and Gary Kraftsow


I have been studying Yoga and Tantra since 1995. My introduction to yoga was through the practice of Kundalini Yoga where I was fortunate enough to practice with Yogi Bhajan on several of his visits to Yoga West in Los Angeles. Being in the presence of this great teacher gave me a glimpse into the true power of Yoga and transmission. I was introduced to the practice of Hatha yoga in 1997  and became passionate about sharing how yoga had changed my life with anyone who would listen. At the time I was a high level executive in the film industry and my practice provided the balance, clarity and perspective that I needed to stay calm in the midst of chaos. 

After reading a translation of the Yoga Sutra’s in 2000, I went on a quest for a teacher who could impart the philosophies and promises of Yoga illuminated by Patanjali.  It was then that I was guided to study with my primary teacher Yogarupa Rod Stryker and was initiated into the lineage of Sri Vidya. 
Since 2004 the focus of my teaching has been yoga nidra, meditation, self-empowerment, sankalpa (intention) and self-inquiry. I utilise the unique practices of the  Himalayan Masters to guide students towards the door of awakening to their true nature: one that is full of luminosity, truth, wisdom and bliss. It is my passion and dharma to create and hold sacred containers for transformation and self-rememberance

Faculty Member: Esalen Institute
Contributor: WOKE magazine 
Founder: Sankalpa Shakti Yoga School 
Co-Founder: Empowered Wisdom Yoga Nidra Training School 
Advisory Board: Yoga Next

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Tracee led Just Breath Yoga and Meditation on the Oprah and Gayles Girl's Getaway to the Bahamas  2019

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Tracee Stanley is wonderful. She led the course in weight-loss retreats with me and I loved her work.

Working with Tracee has been one of the most important experiences of my life. Creating my personal San Kalpa with her to practice over my 40 days of Yoga Nidra allowed me to shed the long held layers of creative resistance I have carried all these years. It also allowed me to sink into the truth of myself at my core - and find my true voice of service in this world.... If you haven’t worked or studied with Tracee yet - run, don’t walk, to do so.
— Licia Morelli - Portland, ME | President KateNorthrup.com, Author, Poet
“Working with Tracee allowed me to uncover new information about myself that truly made the experience a gift in itself. I felt supported, equipped, and encouraged to notice anything (and everything) that came up along the way as well as how to use the information to keep moving forward even after I completed my 40-day practice. Thank you, Tracee, for your wisdom and support.”
— Gina Gomez - Los Angles, CA | Gina Gomez and Associates, Business Consultant and Strategist