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By accessing the material on this website, I agree that I will not share the audio, picture, video, text, print, or any other digital/non-digital format of the EWYN training. Materials provided by Empowered Wisdom during this training or as a part of this training are not to be shared with any person who is not a part of the current training program in any format (print/ copy/ fax/ email/ link/ audio/ video/ paper/ or any other digital or non-digital format) during or after the completion of the Yoga Nidra Immersion or Certification training without prior consent. If you aren’t sure, just ask.


Yoga Nidra Immersion Preparatory Practice

We are looking forward to seeing you and would like to begin creating the container for our journey together by offering you a preparatory practice that will help to deepen your experience during the immersion, as well as helping you to develop a new awareness of pranamaya kosha.

The Pranic Alignment Practice is a simple meditation practice sourced from the tradition of Himalayan Masters that you can begin to add to your daily practice.

After listening to the audio several times, you can begin to lead yourself through the practice, or you may continue to practice along with the recording. Our suggestion is to start a practice journal so that you can free write for a few minutes following the practice. The effects of this practice are cumulative, so practicing for the 20 days until the training begins is optimal. Of course, we know it is not always possible to be consistent, try your best to commit to this practice.

We look forward to seeing you soon.



Tracee and Chanti

Post Immersion Practices


Please find practices to continue to work with your sankalpa and yoga nidra. We will be adding to this page in the next few days.

Earth Nidra

Likhita Japa (creative booklet)

Likhita Japa Tutorial

Sankalpa Nyasa ( the word nyasa means to place) placing the sankalpa in the points of the body.

Waves of Bliss aka 75 breaths

Tan Me Manaha Shiva Sankalpam Astu (Refrain from Shiva Sankalpa Suktum)

Ya Devi Mantra ( invocation to the Goddess Yoga Nidra - Devi Mahatmya)

Sacred Self Massage - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HQLsfZh5js

Additional Resources:

Yoga Nidra: Yogic Trance by PC Panda ( more info on history and preparatory practices)

Four Desires by Rod Stryker ( more information on Sankalpa and Departure point)

Exercise without Movement by Swami Rama - ( more information on joints and glands exercises)


Hello Everyone,

Please see the latest video from Chanti and Tracee with some updates.

Post Immersion Video

The private forum where you can discuss your practices and ask questions will be live soon. Keep your eyes peeled for the email with the link to join the forum. You must join the forum to complete part of your homework - see video

Forum: Click Here

Homework Article - Please read this article by August 30th and post you thoughts in the forum. - Less than 200 words. See video for more details.

Open Office Hours with Tracee and Chanti - August 24th @ 10 am EST on Zoom

Zoom Link for meeting


Thank you to all of you who were on the call. We have recorded the call for those of you who couldn’t make it. You can watch the replay HERE

We look forward to seeing you very soon!

The Birth Yantra tutorial mentioned in the video can be found by following the instructions below.

Birth Yantra Tutorial-

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