How to Thrive

How to Thrive

If you feel like everyone around you is thriving or taking their life to the next level and that you are getting left behind take that as a signal from the universe for you to stop comparing and competing. Leave any jealously and envy behind and use that FIRE to get to work on YOU, your gifts and your passions. 

Here's how: 

1. Ask for Help

Most friends are happy to give you advice or a reference to that amazing assistant or web developer who helped them refine their business or life. Take your friend out for a meal in exchange for their time. 

2. Recognize Your Worth

Understand and honor what your unique gifts. What does the world look like through your lens? What do you see that other's don't? What tools have you used in your life that work? What is the most important thing for you to share with others before you leave this earth? 

3. Create a List of Goals

When you are busy comparing yourself to others your attention is not where it needs to be. Create your own blueprint of thriving. What does it look like to you? For some it might mean getting rid of all of the unnecessary items in life and becoming more minimalistic. For someone else it may be moving out of an apartment and into a home. It might be having the freedom and time to travel. Connect to your personal thrive. 

4. Imagine a Time When You Were Thriving.

Can you remember the last time you were thriving.. I mean really in flow? I remember the first time I did this contemplation with my teacher Yogarupa Rod Stryker in his Four Desires Workshop. I connected to a time in my life when I truly felt superhuman. Find your thrive moment- see what you were doing then, how you were feeling, even what you were eating back then. You still have that fire in you and the power to activate thriving. What did you learn from revisiting that thriving moment?

5. Find Inspiration. Go There Often. 

Write a list of all the people and places that inspire you. Make a point to visit them at least once a month. Not just when you are feeling uninspired but especially when you are feeling energized. You might just get that extra push towards a great idea. Be sure to visit places that are new to you. Get out of your normal routine, drive or hike an extra 30 minutes to a vista or sacred site. 

6. Practice Silence

We have so much energy that is constantly going out all day that we barely have a chance to be with ourselves. Practicing 30 minutes of silence before bed and 30 minutes upon waking is a wonderful way to balance and be with our thoughts and feelings in a way that feels spacious and peaceful. Inspiration often happens in the stillness of silence. 

7. Act On Your Inspiration

The best time to act on Inspiration is as soon as you hear it.  Not acting on your inspiration is a form of carelessness. You are basically ignoring whispers from the Divine. Whispers that are meant to propel you to your greatness. Who cares what anyone else thinks about it. The whisper was meant for you. Let your heart lead the way and allow magic to unfold. 


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