Module 2: Renewing Your Core
Frequency of Truth and Radiance


Our January 1st Group Call

January 1 - February 9: AGNI YOGA PRACTICE

This is a practice to build and maintain a transformative and powerful fire within. The point is not to over do it, but to stoke the fire and keep it going. It is best if you can do this practice 3 times per week, but it optimal to commit for a 30 day practice. This practice includes asana as well as a internal fire meditation and meditation for aligning prana. This is meant to be done as a complete practice. Remember - there are two types of Agni – Digestive Fire - integration, assimilation, processing and Spiritual Fire – the kind that burns the ghost that haunt you.

This practice is designed to practice daily for 30 days. I realize that for some of you a daily 47 minute practice is not doable on a daily basis so just practice the entire practice as often as you can. Here is the link to just the 20 minute asana practice (without meditations) and I have included the meditations separately in case you find yourself short on time.


Divine Light Meditation ( don't worry if you do not know the names of the chakras- just listen) 9 minutes

The Divine Light Meditation can be practiced any time - it reinforces your connection with Divine energy.

Internal Fire Meditation 13 minutes

The Internal Fire Practice should only be practiced as a stand alone meditation once you have practiced the entire agni practice several times.

January 1 - February 9: SOMA NIDRA

This yoga nidra is a practice to replenish. After holiday travel and the excitement of the New Year it is time to ground and restore. Imagine that the moon had flowers, Soma is said to be the nectar of those flowers. Completely nurturing, restoring and healing this practice can be done anytime. Practicing a few minutes of moon gazing prior to this yoga nidra will amplify the effects of the practice.

January 1 - February 9: MODULE 2 DAILY MIND MAP

Here is the download of the new daily mind map. Notice that it has a new circle for your positive HEALING vasana (The message your received from your younger self) that we identified in our January 1st session. This is a quality and or action that we want to reinforce this month as it is key for us to be able to move powerfully forward next month with our sankalpa. use the dream practice to get more information on how you can heal.


This practice is designed to create balance and harmony in your energetic body. Thus far we have done a lot of purification. It's time now to begin to restore, clear and realign our energetic pathways. Please practice this meditation daily. Some of you may even be called to practice it day and night. it will deepen both your meditation and yoga nidra practices if you do it consistently.

January 21 - February 9: RADIANCE RITUAL

Please refer to the recording of the JANUARY 1ST call or your notes. Please begin this practice no later than Jan 21st.


This meditation is sequenced to wake you up gently and amplify your inspiration.
Practice this wake up or the Clarity Wake up daily.

How to Program your dreams is a practice from Penny Peirce author of The intuitive Way.

Imagine a ball of light the size of small egg. Put a sentence that states your intention inside of the egg. i.e. " I want to learn more about how I can heal", I want to learn more about my healing image or message" Put the ball of light with it's message in the back of your neck near the base of your skull. Imagine it releasing it's intention all night into the subconscious and the reptile brain. Then go to sleep. Keep a journal by your bed to recall any dreams of messages you receive. Notice the transition between sleeping and waking. This is where you will find your information.


Most of you were given some sort of personalized homework assignment from me during our private session. Please send me an update on how you are doing with your assignment by January 20th. Send email to with subject heading ELC HOMEWORK