Module 3: Perfect Sankalpa and
Activate Sankalpa Shakti


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Practice Daily

As you may have discovered in the practice of yoga nidra the space of transition is very potent. Whether it is the space between the breath, the space between the thoughts, or the space between waking, dreaming and deep sleep this space holds the secrets to your freedom.

This meditation invites you to use the space of transition between sleeping and waking to plant your sankalpa. This space is full of potential, the more awareness we can bring to this magical space of timelessness the more powerfully we can manifest.


Practice as Needed

Om Satyam

Om Chaitanyam

Om Anandam

Om Atma

This short asana practice can be replaced with movement or intuitive practice of your choice. Use your time wisely, the meditations and yoga nidra practices this month are most important to practice consistently. Use your asana practice as a way to allow the body to stay open and comfortable while sitting or lying down.


Practice Daily

What if you were filled with radiant light? What if that light projected out 6 feet around your body? And what if that light. in the shape of a Golden Egg was vibrating with the frequency of your Sankalpa? You would become a walking manifestation of your Sankalpa broadcasting the frequency of its manifestation every where you went. Other frequencies that were in alignment would be attracted to your broadcast and things would come towards you. With the work that you have been doing in the past few months to remove doubt, lethargy and karma this meditation will be even more potent. Those who study Tantra may understand the Golden Egg as the Hrinya Garbha - the cosmos womb, birthplace of creation, the place from which all of the teachings come.


Practice 3 x a Week

Yoga Nidra is perhaps the most powerful place to introduce our Sankalpa. This practice activates your inner energetic body by aligning and enlivening your marma points and attuning you to energy to your sankalpa. 


The first six mantra's of the of the 34th chapter of the Vajasaneyi Samhita of the Sukla Yajur Veda. It is a prayerful wish for the mind.

Tan Me Manaha Shiva Sakalpam Astu

May my mind have auspicious thoughts

Like a drop of water by itself a single thought does not have much power. However when it gets repeated and associated with other thoughts, it gradually gains force and momentum and its might can be comparable to a storm or tidal wave that can cause much devastation and destruction in our lives. However when guided, purified and concentrated the mind becomes a potent force capable of any achievement.

- Swami Tejomayandan


Practice Daily 

Practice the mind map as described in the Feb 9th video.


The word Nyasa means to place. This practice inspired by teachings of the Netra Tantra. This deep relaxation practice invites you to place your Sankalpa in the 61 points in the body. Once again attuning yourself to the frequency of that which you are manifesting.