Welcome to Empowered Life Circle! 

A place to gather and access timeless teachings to amplify:
your power, your innate ability to heal, creativity and inner radiance. 

I created this portal as a way to stay connected to those of you who I meet on my travels.  We often share such deep connections in a short period of time in far away places. I wanted to offer a sacred satchel of tools and practices for you to stay connected to my teachings, to learn more about the lineages from where they come, and have an accessible way to deepen your own studies with me from afar. 


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Empowered Life Circle Essentials Membership (Free)

Join the Empowered Life Circle and have access to free resources; these are my go-to tools in my everyday life. This level of membership includes some of the foundational practices that carry me through the ebbs and flows of the week allowing me to stay balanced and energized.

The Free Starter Membership Includes:

  • Sleep Deeply Practice
  • Dharma Code Meditation Alarm 
  • Deep Relaxation Reboot 
  • Nectar of Healing Yoga Nidra 
  • Grounding Practice 
  • Unconditional Healing Meditation 
  • Radiant Healing Meditation

As this Empowered Life Circle grows we will all flourish. 
I invite you to take your seat among us. 


Coming Soon!

Empowered Life Circle Winter Series: Replenish and Reflect

December 2018 - March 2019

Empowered Life Circle members who want to go deeper for a seasonal end-of-year shift can join me and the entire sangha for a four-month, dive into a specially designed series of practices and online community events that will assist you in beginning the new year in an empowered and centered way. At the start of each month we will send you a package of practices to incorporate into your everyday life.  Each month we will hold a special LIVE online sangha experience and at the culmination of the season we will circle up online for a last reflection. 

The Winter Series: Replenish and Reflect Includes:

  • 4 - Video Asana Practices 
  • 4 - Morning Wake-Up Meditation
  • 4 - Yoga Nidra - Deep Healing Practices
  • 4 - Short Journal Guides 
  • 4 - Forty-Five-Minute Live Sanghas with Tracee that include Meditation, Topic Deep Dives, and Q/A's

Registration Coming Soon