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A place to gather and access timeless teachings to amplify:
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Dear Empowered Life Circle Members,

We have been blessed to meet on this journey and I am so glad to see that you've taken the next step in joining me here in this online space. I've created these audio practices for you because they are an essential toolkit of meditations and healing yoga nidras that I know will support you in living a life in alignment with your purpose and inner clarity. Choose a practice below that calls to you and stay with it for 40 days. You will always have access to this classroom so you can return again and again. We will soon be launching a seasonal membership experience and as an Empowered Life Circle member you will have  first access. 

In Power and Love,

Tracee Stanley

Empowered Life Circle Essentials

Dharma Code Meditation Alarm

There is lot that can be learned and accessed by being in the liminal state between sleeping and waking. This meditation honors that transition by inspiring you to be awake this moment and seed it with your Dharma Code. If you have done The Four Desires with me you know what I am talking about! If not get yourself to a Four Desires Trainer in your area STAT. This is a powerful process of connecting to your life’s purpose and I will be sharing more about it in later months. 

Deep Relaxation Reboot (Click Here)

Sourced from the ParaYoga Nidra tradition this is the preparation for yoga nidra. 

It is perfect for those times when you have only 20 minutes to take siesta and need a deep but fast recharge. 

Nectar of Healing Yoga Nidra (Click Here)

Soma is said to be healing nectar of the moon. In this practice we will use the mantra and healing properties of the moon to create a cocoon of healing that will hold you while you move through the states of consciousness towards absorption. This is my favorite practice to bring in healing for those times when I feel exhausted. 

Grounding Practice (Click Here)

Sourced from the teachings of David Frawley

This practice connects you to the element of earth, the grounding force of gravity and the downward moving air in the body. Perfect for after extensive travel, emotional upheaval or post festival weekend. 

Unconditional Healing Meditation (Click Here)

Who do you know that needs healing? This is a meditation offered for the benefit of someone else or for the benefit of a part of the world. Amplify the healing power within, offer healing and create healing in your own life. 

Radiant Healing Meditation (Click Here)

An energizing meditation that activates the digestive and circulatory forces in the body.  I use this short meditation for those times when I need the energy to keep going. 

My Interview with on Rosia Acosta's Podcast (Listen)

I joined Rosie Acosta on her podcast for an interview that truly touches on my beliefs about how to create an empowered life. It's candid and full of laughter and love.