Empowered Life Journal

The questions and exercises offered to you in this journal are meant to inspire you to dive deep, to uncover the long unexplored parts of yourself and to remember who you really are: a radiant and bright light full of truth, knowledge, and willpower! I invite you to walk through the fire of self-inquiry, knowing that you will be made more radiant from the transformative power of that fire. It is FREEDOM & WHOLENESS that await you on the other side. Welcome to an Empowered Life!


There were 7 tributaries that lead to the river of FREEDOM and POWER. I created this journal as a map to lead you through each of them to access the part of you that is always radiant and powerful. 

This journal leads you through self-inquiry, creative practices and meditations as you explore and empower your connection to  Gratitude, Self- Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, Willpower, Sankalpa and Shakti. Let these powerful practices amplify the voice of your inner wisdom and experience an empowered life.  



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