Empowered Life Meditations

The Empowered Life Meditation Series will increase your capacity to achieve your dreams and beyond. They can be paired with the Empowered Life Self-Inquiry Oracle cards or they can be used on their own. Empowered Life Meditations can be purchased as a full set or as individual tracks.

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Empowered Life Meditations (Full Series)



Empowered Life Meditations includes 7 downloadable audio meditations with an introduction to Sankalpa and a ParaYoga® Invocation to support you on your journey toward powerful transformation.

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Tracks Include:

1. Words About Sankalpa
2. 40 Day Meditation to Dissolve Fear, Doubt and Procrastination
3. Sankalap Activation Nyasa
4. Sankalpa Activation Nyasa
5. Deep Renewal Nidra
6. Complete Relaxation Nidra
7. Empowered Intention Meditation
8. Nighttime Nidra (Bonus Track)
9. ParaYoga® Invocation - by Shawni


Ways to Incorporate the Meditations Into Your Practice:

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Pair with the Self-Inquiry Oracle

Each card in the Empowered Life Self-Inquiry Oracle Deck has a symbol at the bottom right of the card that corresponds with a meditation. When you pair the deck with an audio meditation you can either listen to the meditation before or after engaging with the question presented on the card. 



The Empowered Life
Meditation Key


Empowered Life Meditations (Individual Tracks)


Each Track: $4.99

First Track Free!


2. 40 Day Meditation to Dissolve Fear, Doubt and Procrastination (11:08)

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3. Radiant Healing Meditation (8:55)

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4. Sankalpa Activation Nyasa (10:44)

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5. Deep Renewal Nidra (12:18)

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6. Complete Relaxation Nidra (19:03)

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7. Empowered Intention Meditation (16:21)

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8. Nighttime Nidra (28:30)

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I started this 70-day experiment in sacred self care because of grief, depression and frightening old behaviors that were resurfacing in my life. As a result of my dedication to this 70-day practice, I am mentally and physically healthier than I have been in a while. Before the 70-day program, I was meditating, walking and trying to eat better. Other yogic practices were not consistent or had fallen by the wayside. For the duration of this experiment, I added a full dinacharya and a home asana practice before meditation. After asana, I do a daily 61-points relaxation practice with sankalpa repetition and then pranayama before sitting for mediation. One part of my sankalpa has come true and the other part continues to manifest. I am stronger, healthier and more vibrant in body, mind and heart than I was before. I highly recommend a 40 or 70-day experiment like this. 


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