Empowered Life: A Journey Toward Self-Mastery - Self-Inquiry, Creativity, Intuition, Ritual


Empowered Life: A Journey Toward Self-Mastery - Self-Inquiry, Creativity, Intuition, Ritual

Welcome to Empowered Life

Empowered Life is a journey towards self-mastery through the practice of self-inquiry, creativity, intuition, ritual and healing. The Empowered Life Collection includes audio meditations, a journal, an online course and a self-inquiry oracle deck that has been used all over the world at yoga retreats, in creative workshops and in sacred circles to propel people to rise up beyond perceived limitations, connect with their power and passions and move towards the greatness and joy they are destined for.

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Enjoy a free download of my Mini-Ritual Guide that shows you ways to incorporate crystals, essential oils and yoga poses into your routine.

Tracee is an exceptional guide. In the Empowered Life she has exquisitely blended the time tested and rich practices of meditation, deep relaxation and self study. This is an incredibly accessible, fun and luminous gift for you or anyone you care about.


Empowered Life: Where to Start - Tarot Cards, Meditation, Journaling

Empowered Life: Where to Start - Tarot Cards, Meditation, Journaling


Where to Start? 

Choose your practice:

Begin by choosing a medium for your practice.
The Empowered Life series offers you the ability to practice with just one soul tool or you can integrate them all. 


The Empowered Life Self-Inquiry Oracle contains 72 Soul Cards that will inspire you to move towards the truth of who you really are. As you to tap into your your authentic self you will see your gifts, the lessons of your life and empower yourself to live in a way that reflects your radiance and power. 


There were 7 tributaries that lead to the river of FREEDOM and POWER. I created this journal as a map to lead you through each of them to access the part of you that is always radiant and powerful. 

The Empowered Life Meditations are 7 audio meditations that will increase your capacity to achieve your dreams and beyond. They can be paired with the Empowered Life Self-Inquiry Oracle or they can be used on their own. 

How does it work?

Empowered Life offers you an integrated system of powerful tools to bring you closer to your purpose.

  • Choose one card per day as an inspiration for contemplation

  • Choose a card as a journal prompt

  • Combine the cards with your tarot or divination cards for additional insights

  • Share the cards, your insights and answers in sacred circle.

  • Embark on a 40-day journaling and meditation practice

  • Share the cards with your partner or children and strengthen your relationships

  • Jumpstart your meditation practice with the Empowered Life Meditations

Empowered Life Around the World:

Where Will the Empowered Life Take You?

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