A 21-day program to jumpstart your meditation practice.

April 15th, 2018

Empowered Wake Up! is a call to action. It is your call to thrive and to wake up to your life with clarity, inspiration and peace. 

Empowered Wake Up eases you into a consistent 21-day meditation practice that will activate and empower you. 

These practices create a supportive framework from which you can create grounded, intentional and inspired days. 


What's Included

  •  3 audio Morning Meditations designed to be an alarm on your phone that gently wakes you up with music, stretching and focus to support you in starting your day. 
  • Daily Self-Inquiry Questions connected to the weekly Bhavana (feeling/theme): Clarity, Inspiration and Bliss
  • Membership in the "Empowered Wake Up!" Private Facebook Group
  •  A 1-Hour "Empower Your Practice" Live Online Sangha Circle with Tracee Stanley to seal in your practice and receive guidance on how to continue your home meditation practice. (Meditation and Q&A included)


  • 2 audio Yoga Nidra practices for daily healing
  • Supplemental Support Guide on how to incorporate essential oils, herbs and crystals 

If you are ready to begin a consistent meditation practice and transform your daily life please join in.