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Upcoming Events: Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Ojai Yoga Retreat, Bali Yoga Retreat

The Yoga of
Willpower and Intention


Upcoming Events: Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Ojai Yoga Retreat, Bali Yoga Retreat

The Yoga of
Willpower and Intention

Activate Your Fullest Potential

meditation . yoga nidra . self-inquiry . intuition . creativity .  devotion . love .

The Yoga of Willpower and Intention defines a “Toolkit of Practices” that can increase willpower and clarity helping you to choose intentions that are in alignment with your dharma, unique talents and passions. We will focus on the wise sequencing of asana, meditation, pranayama, self-inquiry and visualization as tools for empowerment and self-mastery.  Sourced from the teachings of ParaYoga®, Gary Kraftsow’s Heart-Mind Retreat, Swami Rama, Ramana Marharshi and my personal journey, I have been working with these practices for over 15 years and they have led to powerful personal transformations, increased creativity and empowerment.  It is my desire to provide an experience that can jumpstart and activate you towards a life full of purpose, joy and fulfillment.

Public Classes

Monday's @ 5:30 PM
Yoga Nidra and Meditation
Mandala Yoga Center | The Hanuman Room
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Upcoming Workshops and Events

January 13-15, 2017 Four Desires Weekend - Dallas, Texas

February 12-17, 2017 | Reschedule: Yoga of Willpower and Intention® - Esalen Retreat - Big Sur, CA

March 2017 | Sankalpa Shakti™ 200-Hour Foundational Yoga Teacher Training - Topanga Canyon, CA

March 3, 2017 | Yoga Nidra Workshop - Green Tree Yoga - Los Angeles, CA

March 10 - A Path to Self Mastery- Empowered Life Workshop- Unplug Meditation Brentwood, CA

March 18-19, 2017 | SOLD OUT! Four Desires Weekend Workshop - Topanga Canyon, CA

April 2017 | The Secret of the Yoga Sutra's Workshop - Topanga Canyon, CA

April 29 |  Yoga Next Conference - Moksha Spiritual Center- Fraiser Park, CA

May 5-9, 2017 | Parayoga Master Training: Yoga Nidra - Assisting Yogarupa Rod Stryker - Carbondale, CO

May 12, 2017 | Sound Healing and Yoga Nidra with Fawntice and Tracee- Green Tree Yoga 

June 9-11,  2017 Wanderlust Snowshoe. Showshoe, WV

June 22-25, 2017 | Wanderlust Stratton, Bondville VT

July 20-23, 2017 | Wanderlust Squaw Valley, Olympic Valley , CA 

July  28-30, 2017 Surya Soma 200hr YTT- Four Desires-  Ashland , OR

August 26, 2017- Den Meditation - The Art of Yoga Nidra - Four Paths to Freedom with John Vosler, Hillary Jackendoff and Tracee

Sept 16, 2017|  - The Shine- Wanderlust Hollywood, CA - Ben Nemtin, Ayo Awosika

September 22-24, 2017 | The Four Desires with Yogarupa Rod Stryker - Eight Limbs Yoga -Seattle

October 27-29, 2017 | Subtle Body Wisdom. Ida Yoga YTT, Hailey Idaho

November 17-19, 2017 | Subtle Body Wisdom with Jeanne Hieleman, Tracee Stanley and Mary Bruce

December 31, 2017 | New Year's Intention  Yoga Nidra Activation and Sound Bath with Tracee Stanley and Gabriel Logan Braun




January 5, 2018 | Empowered Life Workshop- WMN Space - Culver City, CA

January 15, 2018 | Sankalpa Shakti Yoga®  Vinyasa – 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program

February 11- 16 2018 | The Yoga of Willpower and Intention- Esalen Institute, CA

February 23-25, 2018 | Four Desires Workshop - Amrit Yoga - Philadelphia, PA

March 9-11 2018 | YTT Yoga Sutra Retreat Weekend - Yoga Community - Sonoma, CA

April 21, 2018 | Imagine Festival , Peter Strauss Ranch Malibu, CA

July 26-29 2018 | Asheville Yoga Festival- Asheville, NC

August 17-25 2018 | 9-day Yoga Nidra Certification with Yogarupa Rod Stryker Carbondale, CO

September 14-16 2018 | Yoga Nidra Immersion- Sacred Chill West- Atlanta

Oct 20-27 2018- Yoga of Intuition Retreat with Tracee and Chanti - Bali - (only 4 spots left)

Nov 15 -Jan 1 2019 | Study Sabbatical 

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