Empowered Wisdom Yoga Nidra

OMwork June 28- July 11

Please find the Resources for your OMwork Assignments:



 Review 61 points (Waking State Review via manual)

Touching  the 61 points (to learn Waking State Review) 

Sankalpa Nyasa 1x per day ( download below)

Yoga Nidra Journaling

Read article "Defining Yoga Nidra"

Review Prana Vayus + Koshas (Manual)

Extra Credit: What Vayu needs support? What poses can you add to your daily practice? (Asana article in download folder)

Practice Yoga Nidra Practices from the Training. (download below)

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OMwork - July 12- July 26th 

Lead yourself through the 61 points- began to take yourself through the points- using the guide in the manual as your map. 

Memorize these points and then lead your self through them staying fully awake and aware. 

Continue to Journal after each Yoga Nidra

Read: Yoga Nidra - An Understanding of the History and Context Article

Listen to the Mantra to the Goddess Yoga Nidra

Read the Translation of the above verse

Continue to stay connected to your Yoga Nidra buddy 






OMwork - July 27 - August 8th

Continue Your Yoga Nidra Journal


Read article “Pictures of the Brain Activity During Yoga Nidra”


Smritti Sadhana— Memory practice. Lay down to sleep. Remember your day in 30 min

increments until you get to the moment just before you woke up,  remember how you woke up. To take it a little further, remember past waking up into your dream state. Makes you more aware and sharpens faculty of memorization.


Revisit your Sankalpa if you have forgotten it, or feel as if you have’t paid much attention to  moving in that direction. 


Mantra: Incorporate this mantra into your day. You can set this as a timer on your phone two times a day just to pause, remember and drop in to clear and auspicious thoughts. 

OMwork August 8 - 22nd

See below the resources referred to in the video

1. August 4th Class Check-in

2. Likita Japa Tutorial

Click here for Likita Japa PDF

3. How to set up your personal practice space. 

4. Download Sankalpa Wake Up - Set this meditation as your morning alarm clock to wake you up with meditation. 

Use the password EWYN2018 to access all of the video's

Please use the password EWYN2018

September 24- October 31st Resources

EARTH NIDRA PRACTICE - Please continue to practice this as you continue to embody this teaching. Have fun sharing this.

HEALING NIDRA PRACTICE - This is a practice for your personal practice.

30 MINUTE ASANA PRACTICE - This is a short preparation for yoga nidra practice.

NEW- PARAYOGA SANKALPA YOGA NIDRA (not downloadable) This is a practice that was shared with us by Yogarupa Rod Stryker. and it is part of his ParaYoga Nidra protocol. This is a powerful practice that will help to amplify your Sankalpa. We highly recommend adding this in to your existing practice.