Empowered Wisdom Yoga Nidra

OMwork June 28- July 11

Please find the Resources for your OMwork Assignments:



 Review 61 points (Waking State Review via manual)

Touching  the 61 points (to learn Waking State Review) 

Sankalpa Nyasa 1x per day ( download below)

Yoga Nidra Journaling

Read article "Defining Yoga Nidra"

Review Prana Vayus + Koshas (Manual)

Extra Credit: What Vayu needs support? What poses can you add to your daily practice? (Asana article in download folder)

Practice Yoga Nidra Practices from the Training. (download below)

WMN_Space_-1712 (1).jpg

OMwork - July 12- July 26th 

Lead yourself through the 61 points- began to take yourself through the points- using the guide in the manual as your map. 

Memorize these points and then lead your self through them staying fully awake and aware. 

Continue to Journal after each Yoga Nidra

Read: Yoga Nidra - An Understanding of the History and Context Article

Listen to the Mantra to the Goddess Yoga Nidra

Read the Translation of the above verse

Continue to stay connected to your Yoga Nidra buddy