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Sankalpa Shakti Teacher Training Portal

Welcome to the online portal. This is your virtual classroom. It is how we keep the energy of our sacred learning container shored up and vibrant. This is where you will find homework assignments, practices and community. Three days after our in-person classes in Topanga Canyon you will find homework, prompts and practices to support your continued learning and embodiment of the techniques and information shared during that months module. You will also find a private teachers forum where you can ask questions, share insights and connect with your cohort.

As we begin to prepare for our first session together please take some time to consider:

What do you most want to receive from this Yoga Teacher Training?

What do you need to feel supported through this process?

What kind of learner are you? Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic

Below you will find the prerequisite homework for our first session together.

Please read the first 4 chapters of The Four Desires by Rod Stryker

Please Practice Pranic Alignment Practice - Daily or minimum 3 times a week.

Please purchase a new practice journal for the training.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Yoga Desa in Topanga on September 14th at 1pm for our first session together.

Tracee and SSYTT Faculty