Atha yoga anushasanam: Now begins the practice of yoga. These are the words of the first verse of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Ahtha Yoga Immersion aims to keep this "nowness" in mind at all times.  

Participants deepen their understanding of yoga through asana clinics, seminars, and lectures as well as books and journaling. Each weekend module has been thoughtfully crafted as a freestanding workshop, yet builds on the information shared in previous weekends.  The 5 month curriculum provides time to assimilate the teachings into daily life before going further. Think of it this way:  dip a toe into the water, then step the foot, then to the knee, and so on until you are floating effortlessly in the ocean. We find this gentle integration of information works best when seeking to not only learn the practices, but to embody them enough to share with others as a teacher. Practitioners are well served by direct experience before translating that information into a teaching. Within the translation from experience to sharing, they are supported as they find their own voice to contribute their unique perspective on the lessons of yoga.

Our teaching staff is a well balanced group of instructors who collectively offer a perfect balance between the traditional lineage of yoga and cutting edge understanding of the mind/body relationship. Some are quietly going about their work in the world, others have harnessed the best of modern technology to share their teaching to a broader student base. All of them are brilliant, kind, and truly engaging instructors dedicated to the wellbeing of their students.

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