Empowered Wisdom Yoga Nidra Teacher Training & Certification

Immerse yourself in the profound state of Yoga Nidra and embody the teachings that allow you to transmit powerful and transformative yoga nidra experiences. Yoga Nidra is not about reading a script in a relaxed voice. It is the art of guiding yourself or another into the deepest state of consciousness where deep rest and union with Presence is experienced.

This training is for teachers and seekers who want to explore Yoga Nidra beyond a technique–as a state of consciousness. Our emphasis will be on Sacred Self Care, Creativity, Intuition, Healing, Ritual and Sankalpa Shakti


History, mythology and traditions

Brain Science and sleep hygiene

Understanding the difference between Yoga Nidra and deep relaxation

States of consciousness

When & why to use specific techniques leading towards yoga nidra

The importance of a daily sadhana

Mantra to Goddess Yoga Nidra

Necessity of devotion and bhakti

How to invoke the space of Hiranyagarbha

Contra indications for certain ailments

Koshas and how they relate to Yoga Nidra

The relationship of the Prana Vayus in yoga nidra


Creating your Yoga Nidra Nest

Learn restorative poses to support the body for Yoga Nidra practice for pregnancy, trauma, exhaustion etc.

Perfect Sankalpa and Sankalpa Shakti

How to lead yourself towards the state of Yoga Nidra & deepen your relationship to Nidra Shakti.

Ritual practices including mantra, yantra, likita japa and Sankalpa rituals

Preparatory and post practices: pranayama, joints and glands, point to point, moon bath

Creative exploration as a means to process the experience of yoga nidra practice

Self Healing and the Healing Image

Self inquiry techniques

Creating your sacred sanctuary


Our certification retreat is designed for students who have completed the Empowered Wisdom Teacher Training and are ready to take the seat of the teacher. Learn the process of creating your own Yoga Nidra scripts. Deepen your skills as a facilitator and your relationship with Nidra Shakti. This unique program offers you personal feedback on your yoga nidra teaching and how to hold a sacred and safe environment. This where you learn to translate the power that you have cultivated throughout the training.

Embodying Yoga Nidra and Taking the Seat of the Teacher

Honoring Safety and Trauma in Sacred Space

Voice and pacing

Creating Personalized Scripts

One-to-one feed back on your yoga nidra teaching

Translate the power of your own practice into embodied transmission.

27 Training

13 hours Omwork

20 Hours on retreat (separate tuition+ room and board. Registration link will be sent once accepted.

Total: 60 Yoga Alliance CEU’s

What’s Included:

-Yoga Nidra Practice Recordings and Resources (video and mp3)

-Online Homework and Study materials

-Online Monthly Mentorship

-Yoga Nidra Initiation Kit

Daily schedule as follows:

Thursday July 11- 8:45-11:45, Lunch from 11:45-1:15, 1:15-5:45pm

Friday July 12 – 8:45-11:45, Lunch from 11:45-1:15, 1:15-6:15pm

Saturday July 13 1:30-7:30 snack break 4:00-4:30pm

Sunday July 14- 8:30-3:30 lunch 11:30-12:30

Tuition $895 if paid in full by May 1, 2019, After May 1- $995

Payment plans available with at least $250 nonrefundable down payment.

By application only. Copy link to apply:


Retreat dates:

Monday September 23rd 3pm- Wednesday September 25, 2019 3pm at Elohee Bald Mountain Center. Separate Tuition + Room and Board applies. Direct registration for retreat: https://www.elohee.org/retreat/1616/empowered-wisdom-certification-retreat/


Why Tracee & Chanti are Collaborating
Collaboration is the ability to be fluid in a creative environment with each other. We choose to collaborate for a number of reasons. It allows us to grow with each other, and critically think about what we teach and how those teachings are expressed. In a world where hierarchy and being at “the top” is paramount, we want to be an example of how teaching can also be a practice in sacred relationship— with each individual in the room, our environment and that which we are exploring: Nidra Shakti.