An Online Certification Program: Ayurvedic Wellness Coach

Shakti Ayurveda School's level 1 training is a 300-hour yearlong deep dive into Katie Silcox's signature Divine Feminine Ayurveda teachings, and weaves in various faculty's backgrounds in functional medicine, psychology, neuroscience and more. Tracee Stanley will be a guest teacher in the program and will be sharing Sankalpa Nidra for Empowerment and Healing.

The Ayurvedic Wellness Coach Certification Program is a year-long Tantra & Ayurveda health education platform. It's the first level of Shakti School's Ayurvedic training and a part of Shakti School's 1008-Hour Master Training Path. It takes place 100% online and is easy to integrate into your life. Classes are held via live-streaming and they're recorded. Every lecture will be available to watch and re-watch from our intuitive online classroom. The program runs mid-January to mid-December.

This certification program is based on the principle that it's possible to deeply heal and up-level your impact on your community, sharing your deepest heart’s passion. You will learn all the basics of Ayurveda, as well as the coaching principles needed to be an effective transmitter of Ayurveda.