• Esalen (map)
  • 55000 California 1
  • Big Sur, CA, 93920
  • United States

Are you ready to activate your fullest potential? In this workshop we will uncover your Perfect Sankalpa; this is a Sankalpa (intention) formed without doubt. This immersive experience into deep rest and self-knowledge offers an opportunity to discover and resolve obstacles to you living your best life. We will journey into the lotus of the heart, where our inner luminosity and doubtlessness resides. The practices of Yoga Nidra, self-inquiry, sacred movement and meditation are wisely sequenced to amplify intuition, clarity, creativity and joy. During this workshop, you will receive take-home tools to increase willpower, manifest intentions and relax into your power and purpose.

Together we will:

  • Develop a personal practice to reduce lethargy, procrastination and other negative habits

  • Discover deep relaxation techniques to enhance rejuvenation, memory and clarity

  • Access meditations to cultivate intuition and increase shakti (empowerment)

  • Uncover and diminish the shadow energy that keeps you from achieving goals

Please bring a journal, a pen and an eye pillow.

Recommended reading: Stryker, The Four Desires; Stanley, Empowered Life Oracle and Empowered Life Soul Journal (available at the Esalen bookstore or https://traceeyoga.com/empowered-life/#empowered-life-begin).