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  • 11 West State Street
  • Pasadena, CA, 91105
  • United States

Subtle Body Wisdom with Jeanne Hieleman, Tracee Stanley and Mary Bruce 

Friday – Sunday, November 17-19
12:00-7:00 pm

 Part Two: BUDDHI

I Am Not My Thoughts, I Am THAT Which Observes Those Thoughts 
Thoughts are forms of vibrations that affect our breath, rippling into our body’s condition, our words and our actions. All of this affects our destiny. Controlling thoughts is one of the most difficult forms of practice and also, the most powerful. Tantrics believe in using thoughts as a vehicle for higher transformation. This training will teach the Yogi to:

  • Learn the anatomy of the mind and how to dissect thoughts, establishing control over your mind and emotions.
  • Work with Mantra as a form of Praktipaksha Bhavanam, bringing positivity through vibrations;
  • Work with Kriyas as a form of changing energy and thought to access higher realms of awareness;
  • Practice the art of Prana Dharana, a Tantric practice of harnessing energy into a force of focus that can eventually lead to healing and creation;
  • Learn the power of Maha Mudra as a practice that burns our past karmas and lights up the dormant power dwelling within each of us.


Part Two: Friday – Sunday, November 17-19  at 12:00-7:00 pm
Part One was Friday – Sunday, August 4-6


Part One $350 until July 15, $450 thereafter
Part Two $350 until November 1, $450 thereafter
Both Parts $650 until July 15, $800 thereafter

Space is limited! Please call (626) 403-3961 or email info@yogahouse.comto register and for more information.