Empowered Wisdom Yoga Nidra Training

With Tracee Stanley and Chanti Tacoronte-Perez

New Course Begins January 2019


Surrender yourself to the grace of Yoga Nidra and embody the teachings that allow you to powerfully and authentically transmit transformative and healing  experiences that lead to the state of Yoga Nidra.  Yoga Nidra is not about reading a script in a relaxed voice. It is the art of guiding yourself and another into the deepest state of consciousness where deep rest, spacious awareness and Presence is experienced. 

 Are you ready to up-level your teaching, creativity, personal healing, memory, and ability to manifest?

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Chanti and I will be holding a live info session to give you all the details about our upcoming 2019 Empowered Wisdom Yoga Nidra Training and to answer any questions you might have. RSVP to be the first to get the link to the LIVE webinar

Focus of Training:

This training is for teachers and seekers who want to explore Yoga Nidra beyond a technique--as a state of consciousness. Our emphasis will be on Sacred Self Care, Creativity, Intuition, Healing, Ritual and Sankalpa Shakti

Understanding the difference between Yoga Nidra and Deep Relaxation

Creating your Yoga Nidra Nest

Learn restorative poses to support the body for Yoga Nidra practice for pregnancy, trauma, exhaustion etc.

Perfect Sankalpa and Sankalpa Shakti

How to lead yourself towards the state of Yoga Nidra

Ritual practices including mantra, yantra, likita japa and Sankalpa rituals

Preparatory and Post Practices: Pranayama, Joints and Glands, Point to Point, Moon Bath

Creative exploration as a means to process the experience of yoga nidra practice

History and mythology

Brain Science and Sleep Hygiene 

Embodying Yoga Nidra and Taking the Seat of the Teacher 

Self Healing and the Healing Image

Honoring Safety and Trauma in Sacred Space

Voice, Pacing and Personalized Scripts


And more...

What's Included: 

- Two Yoga Nidra Training Intensives (40hrs)

- Yoga Nidra Practice Recordings and Resources (video and mp3)

Online Homework and Study materials 

At your own pace - Online at-home study

- Yoga Nidra Initiation Kit

Yoga Nidra Journal

40hrs Yoga Alliance CEU


- Preparatory Practices and Welcome Online -January 5th 12-2pm PST

Session One: January 18-20

Session Two: April 12-14

Optional Restorative Yoga Certification May 31st-June 2nd (additional cost of $425 early bird)

See details below about 3-day Certification Retreat

Location: Topanga, CA

Times: Friday's 6-9pm; Saturday & Sunday 12:30- 7pm


Limited to 15 participants

Non refundable deposit of $100

Full Payment Due December 1, 2018

(Price does not include 3-day Certification Retreat or Restorative Certification Add-on)

To register please follow the link below and complete your application.
Upon acceptance into our program you will receive a link to make your deposit. 


Yoga Nidra was the first 30 day practice I did... it was life changing. After the first two days I noticed I was breathing more deeply, fully. I practice yoga nidra in the afternoon, and immediately I noticed I had more energy for the rest of the day.After a week I noticed I felt peaceful and content even in the middle of work and general life stress. It was like finding a magic reset button that I could press whenever I needed. At the end of the thirty days I felt an internal stillness and quiet. It was a sense of confidence or faith in self that I’ve never known before…a state of being. It was contentment beyond the everyday stresses and realities of being a working mother with young children. Yoga nidra even shifted things in a positive way in my relationships with others – my husband and my children. I was softer, more patient, more loving. I felt I had access to greater internal resources during times of stress. I am still in awe of the power of this one practice to transform from the inside out.

- Shivani M, Certified Sankalpa Shakti Teacher

Mentorship and Certification Retreat 

With Tracee Stanley and Chanti Tacoronte-Perez

March 8-10, 2019  

October 25-27 2019

Empowered Wisdom Yoga Nidra Retreat and Certification Program with Tracee and Chanti Tacoronte- Perez.

Designed for students who have completed the Empowered Wisdom Teacher Training  and are ready to take the seat of the teacher. Learn the process of creating your own Yoga Nidra scripts. Deepen your skills as a facilitator and your relationship with Nidra Shakti. This where you learn to translate the power that you have cultivated throughout the training and mentorship. 

Pre-requisite: Empowered Wisdom Training Intensive with Tracee and Chanti

What's Included: 

- Certification Retreat
- 6 Month Yoga Nidra Mentorship Program
- 40 Hours Yoga Alliance CEU's



Location: Just Outside of Los Angeles

Times: Friday starts @ 2pm;  All Day Saturday & Sunday until 11:30am


(Price does not include EWU training or Restorative Certification Add-on)


Shared Accommodations

Opportunity to Apply Coming Soon





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