Yoga Nidra Immersion Resource Kit

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40 days to freedom…

What an honor it has been to hold space for you. I am looking forward to sharing the next 40 days with you in the container of energy we created.

Below you will find a list of practices to keep you moving with your practice, including a Sankalpa Wake Up Alarm, Foundational Para Yoga Nidra Practice, Yoga Nidra with Sankalpa and 61 points and Sankalpa Yoga Nidra.

These practices are just for you, please do not share them via email or any other sharing modality.

Sankalpa Wake Up Alarm- just set this mp3 as your alarm on your phone and it will wake you up with a gentle guided meditation that starts your day with sankalpa in the sacred space of transition between sleeping and waking, gentle movement and a short meditation. This is a daily practice that is easy to incorporate for your 40 days.

Foundational Para Yoga Nidra Practice - simple practice for deep relaxation

Sankalpa Nyasa Practice- This practice combines the 61 points and your Sankalpa.

Sankalpa Yoga Nidra - Practice twice a week - (Not downloadable)

Grounding Asana Practice + Pranamaya 54 minutes- this is the practice we all sequenced together in class.


Set you Sankalpa as a reminder on your phone.

Set your Sankalpa as a screensaver on your computer.

Create a piece of art, photography or poem that reminds you of your Sankalpa

Create an altar for your Sankalpa and your future self.

Stay connected to your Dharma Buddy.


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